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What Is A Tween Do you know the answer? You might have heard the word on the internet or on TV, but don't know exactly what it means or where it came from. In the simplest terms, tweens are children between the ages of eight and twelve. The word tween was invented by marketing, to better target this age-group and their needs and desires. Did you know that most marketing companies targeting children have child psychologists working with them to produce advertisements and products that are irresistible to children? Rest assured they are already doing this to adults through advertising; however their aim is always going back to younger and younger age groups. Why? Because brand exposure from a very early age is key to building up brand loyalty and future sales. A target for marketing - that is the dark side of what a tween is, however tweens themselves have embraced the term. Too young to be considered as grown up as teens, they are nevertheless too mature to feel comfortable with being described as children. One of the major desires that marketers target tweens through is the desire feel more adult and grown-up and less like a child. Fashion is a huge industry in which tweens are being targeted as potential lucrative consumers. Tween fashions currently run the gamut from childish clothing to extremely risqué and scandalous little-adult wear. If, through media and advertising, tweens can be made to feel self-conscious about their appearance, dollars will flow as they try to buy clothes and things to prove their self-worth. Tweens are a young and vulnerable group. Their ideas and sense of self is still developing and will continue to do so well into their teenage years. The pressure they feel to fit in with their peers and the messages they receive in the community have a huge impact on their development. Young girls tend to also be quite influenced by their favourite celebrities. Sadly, celebrities are only human and are often a disappointment, especially in recent times, in the role model department. There are a few tween idols who do still hold high values and morals - such as Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez and Tavi Gevinson, however, the most important role models for tweens must be closer to home. You might think that the situation facing our tweens is hopeless, but it isn't. Awareness of the issues will help immeasurably. If tweens are taught how they are being manipulated, it will help them to say no to the products and behaviours the media is pushing.

Was the Vinca Culture Writing before the Sumerians [Fashionable]17.04.2013 14:26:06
was the vinca culture writing before the sumerians Everybody loves pink. This is true not only among the girls but you can also see a few guys who also love the color which can be seen on their preferences for clothing. Pink applies also to many other items, not only among the accessories but also to the clothing from reality to fantasy. A case in point is congenital Western inability to grasp the Asian bob of the head. You know the one. The one that says "yes", "no" and "maybe" in one economical swivel. What the guidelines don't do is endorse the most obvious solution: for designers to make larger sample sizes. Sample sizes are the prototypes that models wear in shows, and they are growing vanishingly skimpy. Instead, the basic thrust of the guidelines is that models just need to do a better job managing the demands of being unrealistically thin.. In New York, Calvin Klein unveiled some beautiful dresses, showing lots of shimmer and lots of clean, sharp lines. Some pieces definitely had an androgynous feel to them, ideal for power dressing whether at work or at play. If you ever go for the power look you can just as easily diffuse it, dial back the volume so to speak with Calvin Klein's 7703 white shades, and that's in case you don't want to play too rough. Wearing nothing but the best shoes is essential to maintain foot health and some shoes are even use to correct some foot disorder. Basically, the characteristics of the shoes you should buy will depend largely on what it is intended for; should it be used for running, for casual events, or for mere day to day activities. However, general guidelines will guide you on how to choose the right shoes for you.. Until the Eighteenth Dynasty, the women wore kalasiris, or sheath dress, made from a tube of material sewn along one side. The traditional kalasiris was simple in shape. It fell from below the breasts to above the ankles and was held by two shoulder straps. Besides, printed soft cotton scarves are ideal to be teamed with different outfits for a trendy look this season. Crafted from pure cotton, these designer scarves are available in host of attractive colors, designs and shapes to choose from. Available in various lengths, these are perfect for casual a well as formal occasions and carry a unique style statement. It is simple, elegant and versatile. It has long sleeves and a figure hugging silhouette. My only reservation was that I am not keen on the idea of emphasizing my rear in a figure hugging dress.. Get your bangs trimmed with Erin Fetherston by Edward Tricomi of Warren Tricomi. There will be Minx nails with designers Max and Erin and what are sure to be some incredible printed manis by the Suno designers. If that's not enough for you, Tom Pecheux will be doing make-up, you can get a henna tattoo and meet Sachin and Babi Ahluwalia.

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Weird is the New Sexy Lady Gaga certainly isn the first female pop star to get experimental with her fashion choices. Madonna had her cone-shaped bras, Cher her feathered headdresses, Cyndi her neon hairdos. Right now, we definitely at a high point in the history of female singers creative sartorial decisions, with Rihanna going military-bondage chic, Katy Perry aiming for 1950s pin-up girl, Ke$ha choosing to bathe with glitter instead of soap, and Beyoncé wearing whatever she pleases. But even amongst this wide array of exciting fashion, Gaga stands out. Unlike her contemporaries, Gaga isn trying to be pretty. As weird as Rihanna straps-and-studs ensembles get, as much as Ke$ha (charmingly) overdoes her eye makeup, there little doubt that the vast majority of pop starlets want to be seen as beautiful and sexy. These women make bold clothing choices, but the main goal is to be attractive in new and exciting ways, to use fashion to make themselves appear even more gorgeous and desirable. If the rare outfit isn exactly flattering, their general aesthetics assure us that it was intended to be. But Gaga is doing something different. She frequently wears outfits that distort her body, masks that cover most of, if not all of, her face. She smears herself with blood, adds random growths to her midsection, and dons contraptions too complicated to move in. Gaga not trying for beauty, at least not in the conventional, physical sense that other pop stars are. She uses her body as a portable museum, showcasing works of art on her own flesh, whether or not they happen to make her body or face look especially alluring. What most exciting about Gaga aesthetic is that it working. Although there will always be a lot of people who dismiss her and others like her as freaks, there are also many, including me, who do find her beautiful and sexy. Unlike women like Rihanna and Ke$ha and Katy Perry and Beyoncé, all of whom are naturally pretty enough to have ended up in modeling campaigns and photoshoots even without music careers, Stefani Germanotta was not born a classic beauty. But by making herself into Lady Gaga, by creating a signature style that has inspired so many other artists, she has made herself into a glamorous pop star, even without the prom queen looks of her peers. She a model now, and a fashion icon in the making. The one concerning thing about the way Gaga presents herself is that even she is not immune to the pressure on female pop artists to strip down as much as possible. She has the hard-won body expected of those in her profession, and she shows it off, in her own Gaga way. It seems that even Gaga, with her own strange brand of freakshow sexiness, can entirely escape the demands of a patriarchal system for women to bare their bodies in order to be sexual. But if anyone breaking free of rigid conceptions of beauty and fashion, it her.

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walk off home run definition After the five minutes are up, take all the clothes that caught your eye to the dressing room to try on. The trick is to buy only the clothes that you feel instantly at home in. That state is more than just feeling comfortable or dressing for functionality, but a more personal and intuitive sensation.. With my hair freshly done I have to stand in line for 40 minutes to get into the Wayne Cooper show. I received an email just 30 minutes prior to the show from Wayne's PR girl saying that she has given me a spot at the show. I get to the door thinking she had given me a seat and was disappointed to receive my GA ticket. Trends for men or women, trends for kids and dogs etc. articles are related to fashion trends, but what about the teens. Searching for teen fashion trends and guidelines regarding teen modeling are difficult than any other. CuteCircuit, the London-based company who crafted Perry's dress from the tiniest full-colour LED lights available (measuring only two millimetres in length), are pioneers of wearable technology. Their "Hug shirt", which enables wearers to send a sensory hug across the world to another person wearing the same creation, was awarded Time Magazine's best Invention of 2006. By squeezing the top, the hug sensation is transmitted through its heat and vibration sensors, and then sent via a mobile phone's Bluetooth capacity.. New York is home to America's world renowned fashion talent. From the industry's most famous designers to its most promising entrepreneurs, fashion makers locate their businesses here, taking advantage of the city's unlimited creative resources. Oscar De La Renta, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Liz Claiborne and Nicole Miller, to name a few, are located in the Garment District. If you are looking for ways to turn your wardrobe "green" then look no further. Fair trade is the answer for those who are trying to support the environment and sustainable living. By supporting fair trade, you are voting with your dollars to pay artisans a fair wage and protect the environment all at once.. ash and adding warmth to brows can really bring out green and blue eyes. Use vegetable dyes to either lighten or darken the eyebrows. It the best way to soften a hard look or add fullness and definition to a lighter or sparse-looking eyebrow.. After the rocket explosion and him getting wounded, he was taken to a clinic near by to get some first aid so he stops from bleeding. Then they send him to a big hospital to go under a surgery in a place called pul-e surkh 1 hour drive from Kabul. 3 shrapnels from that explosion was taken out of his leg..

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RetailSails' Instablog While most apparel retailers are focused on just surviving the toughest selling environment in a generation, fast-fashion chain Forever 21 has been aggressively expanding throughout the recession, and in the process has created a business model which is redefining retail. For most high-end fashion designers, it takes 18-24 months to get from initial design to merchandise into the stores, while department stores need 4-6 months to get from the design room to the sales floor. The key to Forever 21 success is their ability to spot the hot styles and trends, reproduce them, and bring them to market in six weeks or less. No longer tied down by the notion of or season, the customer can visit the same store every week and see the newest fashions, with each store carrying different fashions. And perhaps most important of all, they are able to offer well-made merchandise at prices that rival those of discount chains Target and Wal-Mart, with most items in the $5-$30 range. Although originally catered to mostly young men and women, the fast-fashion model which transports current trends from the runway to the rack in record time has garnered mass appeal among both the young and young at heart. The concept broad appeal across generations is apparent within my own family. While my sister, 28, and my mom, 56, might not share the same tastes in fashion, they both list Forever 21 as their favorite shopping destination. Among the reasons: 1) cute, trendy, well-made garments; 2) affordable prices; 3) constantly updated inventory; My sister put it best when she said could spend $300 at Forever 21 and walk out with a whole wardrobe even if I only wear each item a few times and it not fashionable in a few months, I can go back and buy the newest trends, and I don feel like I spent a lot of money. Started by Korean immigrants Do Won and Jin Chang as a single 900 sq. ft. 25 years ago, the closely-held company now operates more than 460 stores in 13 countries, with over 20,000 employees and estimated sales of $1.7 Billion for the fiscal year ended February 2009. Both of those companies were taken private at the top of the market (in 2006 2007) and are struggling to survive under mountains of debt. Forever 21 has matured from a mall-based retailer, competing with names such as Charlotte Russe and Wet Seal, to a major national chain rivaling H in terms of fashion and pricing power. Not content to rest on their laurels, the company has been expanding from the average 9,000 sq ft mall-based store into 30,000-50,000 sq ft department-store sized locations bought from bankrupt retailers including Gottschalks and Mervyn They are even taking over the Virgin Megastore location in Times Square and expanding it to 90,000 sq ft, which would be triple the size of its other current Manhattan stores. They added another cheap asset by picking up struggling rival Gadzooks for $33 million in 2005, which now makes up a little less than a third of their store base. As brand recognition has increased and with larger store layouts coming online, Forever 21 has also taken the opportunity to expand store concepts and introduce new merchandise categories. They launched a plus-size store format this May called Faith 21, and the new department store-sized stores will feature home goods, swimwear, beauty and cosmetics, as well as expanded menswear, lingerie, and shoe collections. Having already taken market share away from department stores in apparel and accessories, this will enable the company to give shoppers a more complete shopping experience. Success has not come without controversy and obstacles. They also faced a suit in 2001 from factory workers over unsafe conditions and claims of unpaid overtime and sub-minimum wage pay, which was settled out of court when the workers were paid back wages. In addition, they were pressured by PETA in 2004 to stop manufacturing clothing made with animal fur. With the exception of the Trovata suit, which ended in a mistrial, all of the lawsuits have been settled out of court. The company publicly insists that the fashions you see in the stores are but not intended to be knockoffs. Forever 21 Executive Vice President Larry Meyer said gotten better at ensuring our vendors are more compliant. That has done well for us. We confident over time we will reduce the amount of claims. On the bottom of every shopping bag is the inscription of John 3:16, reading : God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Rivals H (Sweden) and Zara (Spain) have been around longer and have more than triple the store base worldwide, with the same strategy of delivering the latest fashions at affordable prices, with a turnaround time of weeks instead of months. Off-price stores such as TJX and Ross Stores and discount chains like Target have also been able to take market share away from traditional retailers such as department and mall-based stores. Forever 21 has so far been able to differentiate itself from rivals, but with the growth and expansion track they are on, the competition will certainly become more intense. In the past few years, Forever 21 has experienced extremely rapid growth and really hit their stride in an environment where no growth is considered success. They have taken the opportunity to aggressively expand, and have become a major player in fashion retail. There will be major challenges in the future in increased competition, more lawsuits, and trying to fill larger spaces while trying to preserve quick turnaround time. However, the company has shown they have a very good understanding of their customers and have been able to deliver consistent performance. There has been talk of an IPO for several years, so it wouldn be surprising to see a public offering when the markets improve, which would provide investors the opportunity to own a piece of a true American growth story. Aeropostale (ARO) has been the best performing apparel retailer, and certainly the clear standout in teen retail over the past year.

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Selling Anime Manga Yet anime and manga (Japanese for animation and comics, synonymous for Japanese animation and comics) cover more genres and titles than their American counterparts. This alone makes AM worth a comics retailer's consideration to sell. The time is right for anime and manga advice (which I'll refer together as AM), as AM grows in public awareness, name recognition, product selection, and sales revenue. AM is relevant to your business, since you either sell them or watch competitors do so. In a bearish comics environment, AM has proven to be a valuable revenue stream. However, it is not a miracle cure. Sales are not predictably easy but require investments of time, money, and strategy. A consolidating market desperately needs growth areas, and AM is no secret anymore. Sales are increasingly competitive as more specialty shops emerge, carving out faithful followings, while scouring Asia for the latest consumer tastes. Nevertheless, there is room for more retailers as the AM market enlarges. For those who haven't taken the plunge already, here is a primer. Let's evaluate the market forces, pick the products, and poll your customers. Analyze the Scene AM is not a new, urban, or Asian phenomenon. Over the last decade in the US, AM has multiplied its retail offerings, English-speaking audience, and industry sales (for publishers, distributors, and retailers). Many factors simultaneously are contributing to this "mainstreaming". The most important naturally involve culture, companies' products, and customers. The first is the "globalization" of popular culture. For the past century, the "American" way of life influenced every nation, magnified by the proliferation of mass communications. Japan is still enamored with cool stateside fads, from blue jeans to hip-hop. In the 90's the counter wave, especially the tsunami from the Pacific, has hit American shores. Fueled by immigration, foreign flavors are ubiquitous (ex. groceries). Influential Gen-X entertainers especially are incorporating Asian themes (popular music, Hong Kong action flicks, video games, fashion, and children's TV). mass media finally deemed Japanese mass media ready for prime time. AM is acceptable programming for public consumption because it is lucrative. More anime TV programs have released in the past 5 years than in the previous 25, building on the buzz of Speed Racer, Mazinger Z, Voltron, G-Force and Robotech. In 1999 syndicated programs like Pok mon will proselytize to thousands of new fans who could reinvigorate the comics market (as long as they're properly directed!). Cable and local TV push the bandwagon forward too. The Sci-Fi Channel's "anime week" has been an annual fixture (Fatal Fury, the Motion Picture debuted in 1998). Likewise, in September 1998 the Cartoon Network broadcasted Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball on weekdays again. KTEH (PBS station in San Jose, CA) is a regional pioneer. Already having televised Urusei Yatsura and No Need for Tenchi, KTEH will debut Key, the Metal Idol in November 1998. And don't forget movies. Though countless anime (available on VHS here) have had Japanese theatrical releases, very few have graced America's big screens. Every few years, an Akira or Ghost in the Shell breaks through. But with shifting winds, expect more high profile films soon. release of Princess Mononoke in 1999. Choose the Suspects Product, product, product. AM covers a broad and deep range of items. Stocking anime and manga merchandise is not for the faint of heart or pocketbook. Shell out $500 and get 20 videos and 20 graphic novels to stock. Not much penetration considering hundreds of each are available. But you have to start somewhere. In 1999, manga will abound: over two dozen regular monthly comics, 200 graphic novels, half-dozen magazines, and a handful of monthly comics anthologies. Anime output in higher than ever. Home video generates two dozen VHS releases every month. As DVD quickly replaces laserdiscs for technophiles, expect another half dozen titles per month. Merchandise is overflowing: toys, RPGs, trading cards, stickers, wall art (posters, scrolls), apparel (T-shirts), and music (CD soundtracks). Plus, retail markets (comic, book, video, video games, music) are converging. Superstores like Borders and Virgin sell magazines, graphic novels, VHS/DVD, and soundtracks and are noticing the purchasing power of AM fans (remember that product cross-fertilization?). As these retail jungles overlap, sales survival depends on product selection. In this climate, determine your customers' preferences but plan for growth. AM has long since outgrown its "adult" reputation, and offers something for everyone: kung-fu to kids, aliens to alternative, horror to humor, robots to romance. Generally AM fans buy across the board, especially for characters available in multiple formats like Neon Genesis Evangelion and Ranma 1/2. So your "backlist" will sell. By starting with quality products, you will eventually offer AM in sufficient variety as the consumer market and their predilections broaden. Find Customer Solutions Converting customers to AM isn't simple, considering traditional "superhero" expectations and the limited shelf space devoted to alternative press. But the best reasons to branch out are immediate: satisfy customers hungry for challenges and substance and reach that widely desired but rarely seen "new" buyer. First, poll your customer base on their preference for a different world of storytelling and content. A well-documented addiction, AM preys upon collegiates, teenage gamers, and sci-fi junkies. Second, gauge how many new customers you could attract. AM fans are young and enthusiastic, and getting younger by the moment. They can definitely be a breed apart, with particular appetites and demands. AM draws clientele which your store may not normally attract (preteen girls, business travelers, educators). Most AM fans are zealots who display arcane knowledge as badges of honor, and spread the faith by word of mouth. I call them "Trekkies x 2" since they are so rabid. Dependable patrons, they provide invaluable recommendations (especially on staff) and are your best evangelists, proselytizing new customers into the fold. Deepen customer loyalty by exploring how mail order via the Internet can expand your customer base beyond geographic boundaries into an international audience. Disproportionately, AM fans are online, and have quickly populated the net with sites, rings, and newsgroups. As a communication tool, the web has boosted their activity and enthusiasm from Alaska to Wyoming. Like Internet sales, AM flashes immense potential but also daunting complexity and rapidly changing conditions. Yet the brave who stake their claim will benefit as this retail niche widely flowers into bloom.

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MIAMI VACATIONS Orson Johnson Miami has lots of fantastic tourist attractions. Bal Harbour Village has shops, hotels, and more. It is also right at the beach and filled with some of the most amazing feats of design. Coral Castle is a monument that shows a single man's determination and the Everglades Alligator Farm has more then 3,000 alligators. zoo. For anyone who likes aquariums they have a nice one to visit, the Miami Seaquarium. They have a Superstar there that you might know, Flipper. Monkey Jungle has all types of monkeys for the monkey lovers and Parrot Jungle Island has a huge crocodile, and over 500 species of plants, and over a whopping 3,000 animals. A few cruises and tours you might want to check out include the Dragonfly Expeditions. They have lots of tours, including some for the day and also some that last overnight. They have them for individuals, or groups. EcoAdventures have a lot of adventure activities; they include kayaking, snorkeling, and canoe trips along with others. Everglades Safari Park has airboat tours, wildlife nature shows, and much more. Island Queen Cruises Sightseeing Tours takes you to lots of nice places to sightsee on their tour boats. They also take you by some homes that belong to the rich and famous people. Miami also has the Miami Performing Arts Center. They open in 2006, and they will have three state of the art theaters. They will also have an education center, a plaza, the landmark for the 1929 Art Deco Tower, and more. They offer theater, music and even dance. They are dedicated to entertain, challenge and educate their guests. For the fishers out there they have some good fishing places. One of these is the Action Charters of Miami. Here you can experience deep sea fishing on a 46 foot boat. This is open for all ages. You can fish almost all day on this. Masita Fishing and Cruising Charters is also one you might like. They offer the most complete fishing and boating charter system. They have the cleanest fleet. There are some museums you may want to visit as well. One of these is the Historical Museum of Southern Florida. They have lots of educational programs. You can discover the past and present here. Jewish Museum of Florida is in a nice old Art Deco building. Lowe Art Museum opened in 1952. They have western and non western art. The Miami Art Museum has international art. Miami Children's Museum is for the children to learn. There are lots more museums and historic sites to visit as well. For the golfers they have some nice places to play golf. The Fairmont Turnberry Isle Resort and Club is one of these. If you want to play here in season it costs 150-175, and if you want to play when it is out of season, it will cost 95-120. The Biltmore Hotel is another place to play golf. To play here in season it will cost 95 to 121, and 35 to 71 out of season. Doral Golf Resort and Spa, which is a Marriott Resort is a place to play golf, but it will cost you more. Their in season rate is 250, and their out of season rate is 175 to 195. For those shoppers out there are plenty of places to go shopping. One of these is Aventura Mall, it South Florida's number one shopping place. The Village of Merrick Park has plenty of fashion and style for you. Prime Outlets has nice architecture, landscaping food court, and even a playground. This place is one of a kind. Bayside Marketplace is very nice and popular. They offer many things, they even offer you savings. If you like to sip tea or you like live music then Cauley Square Historic Village might be a place for you. They have many more stores for you to visit, too many to list. Do you like to camp? If so, maybe you would like to come to Miami and spend some time camping. They have some nice places to go camping. One of these is Goldcoaster, they have 547 sites. Miami Everglades Campground is another, and they have 258 sites. Gator Park has 34 sites. Embassy RV Park has 67 lots. There are other camp sites as well for the campers. They are a nice place to relax and visit, or even have a cookout. If you like to go to a park, then they have some parks for you. The Barnacle Historic State Park is one of these. Everglades National Park offers cabins, boat ramps, hiking trails, and fishing. Homestead offers a place to set up a tent, concessions, boat ramps, hiking trails, and fishing areas. Key Biscayne offers concessions, hiking trails, and fishing. Majory Stoneman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center only offers hiking trails for any of you hikers. Oleta River State Park offers cabins, concessions, boat ramps, hiking trails, and fishing. A couple events you might be looking to attend include John Rosenquist. He brings some of his unique imagery. Another is Miami Beach's America's Tropical Resort. Here you can see photographs, hotel brochures, postcards, restaurant menus, souvenirs, and even bathing suits. There are other events to that you can look out for. Just check with your travel agent to see what is going on when you travel.

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Making Fashion Social Through Strategy and Execution When considering the social media approach for an upscale retailer, it is hard not to draw comparisons with couture design. Appealing to a design-conscious fashionable consumer requires a well-constructed, custom approach where content, not short-term promotions, rules. As with clothing, timeless style trumps fleeting fads in a flawless social media execution. Gabrielle de Papp, VP of Public Relations for Neiman Marcus, shared insights on how the brand has successfully engaged its audience with a mix of carefully chosen content and channels, along with a meticulous operational process. Behind the Velvet Rope. As an upscale retailer, Neiman Marcus has an incredible team of creative directors, stylists, buyers, and other specialists making magic happen both in the stores and in the advertising of the firm. De Papp indicates that by highlighting the expertise of these style leaders through social media content, Neiman Marcus can provide value to an audience that wants an insider view into the world of fashion. While these team members are highlighted in social media updates regularly, events like New York Fashion Week (NYFW) really showcase the talent and coordinated team effort that happens behind the scenes. This insider view allows unprecedented insight into how products are chosen for the Neiman Marcus consumer. Ready for a Close Up. While Facebook may be the largest social media channel by follower/fan count, Neiman Marcus focuses strong content on smaller channels where there is strong engagement. For example, Instagram and Pinterest have become central to its strategy based on the instant feedback through fan-generated likes and shares to visual imagery shared. Engagement determines wisely where effort is allocated. Larger channels are not ignored, but the visual nature of some networks lends itself beautifully for upscale retail. Backstage Pass. Woven into the content shared by Neiman Marcus on Facebook and Twitter, imagery is provided by specific store locations. Every image sourced from the specific store locations fits with the overall Neiman Marcus social look and feel, and that is by painstaking design. De Papp indicated that the public relations leadership team took great effort to enrich the local stores with training on how to capture product imagery appropriate for the various social media channels. Coordinating this type of training for all of the locations required much planning. However, the result is clearly worthwhile: consistent and beautiful images highlighting the inventory and local style and tastes of the individual stores. Editor's Choice. When asked what Neiman Marcus customers seek when they follow the firm in different channels, de Papp indicated that editorial content is key. While the brand may run an occasional contest when appropriate (usually in association with an event or brand partnership), the Neiman Marcus customer really desires insights related to trends and styles; content shared by the social media team informs the audience base on how to be a trendsetter and timeless. By focusing on the needs of the customer and staying on brand with this content type, Neiman Marcus serves as a trusted adviser and provides fashion inspiration between visits to the stores. Content and expert fashion insight trump sales and contests in the Neiman Marcus social world. A Bold Pattern. As with its fashion choices, Neiman Marcus is not afraid to take chances in social media. It was an early pioneer in mobile social networks, running promotions through SCVNGR and Foursquare to drive local engagement at the stores (including a unique Foursquare scavenger hunt for Nancy Gonzalez clutches). Despite the smaller participant bases of these services, the promotions allowed the social media team to gain valuable insights about the consumers visiting the stores. And the innovation continues. As part of NYFW, the firm is already employing Twitter's new Vine video vignette app to engage followers. By testing and learning new mobile and social technologies, Neiman Marcus learns about its customers through multiple channels, allowing the brand to refine its approach across all channels. In talking with de Papp, a recurring theme was the amount of operational work it takes to have a smooth execution in social channels. Just like a runway show, much effort happens behind the scenes for a flawless execution on stage. From deputizing local stores to provide content to integrating customer service follow-up in social channels, a coordinated team effort has to occur to translate the refined Neiman Marcus experience seamlessly into social media. With a deep understanding of what its customers want (and more importantly, don't want), the brand is able to engage its user base around the clock and provide the type of editorial content and insider access customers seek.

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What is an Acceptable Duration for You to Response to Customers Online The Internet however is timeless. The fact is customers appreciate a quick response. With the globalization of the Internet federal holidays are blurred. Customers expect timely responses and often make little note of the time zone the vendor they are working with. While large corporate businesses have a large amount of resources (staff and money) for sales, customer service and marketing are often tied to traditional methods of communication with customers. Sales are in person; customer service is over the phone and marketing by advertising and mail. Email is often used to funnel customers into these traditional channels of communication. When emailing often the reply back is to call back or a request you show up in person. More so in the past then recently, many companies do not respond to email at all. While communicating by telephone and mail is important, email is part of the fabric of how people interact and companies often do not take this into account. As many small main street businesses are offering a more personalized service, email can be more personalized than large corporations are able to provide. Since customers have become accustomed to looking on the Internet to either make or research purchases email is an easy way to communicate. Besides an easy way to get an answer, some customers want reassurance there is a human behind the web page, and not just some wizard speaking out of a microphone. Service and forum queries are typically handled by online businesses within 24 hours; rarely do weekends or holidays alter response rates. Customer demands and the 'need' for instant answers have driven the standard. If you do not respond in a timely fashion a competitor will. Customers are used to surfing the web and emailing. They want instant information whether it is 4pm or 4am. They want an immediate response. While some people expect responses immediately, others will think business is slow if you respond right away. This is difficult to gauge, if the answer is simple respond as soon as possible.

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